A Note From the Road

A Note From the Roadfeatured

Here are a few snaps from 30-degree weather in Amsterdam a few months ago. I left cold and rainy Amsterdam yesterday and writing this from a tiny gas station somewhere near Magdeburg. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to go, pastry crumbs are taking over my keyboard. P.S. Follow me on Instagram for live updates. Read more

Travel Picks

Travel Picksfeatured

The Annoying Person Who Tells You About Their Dream

The Annoying Person Who Tells You About Their Dreamfeatured

What did you dream last night? Last week I noticed a tiny fingerprint on my wall and in my dream that night I remember facing in utter horror a white wall completely covered in greasy palm prints. For some reason, I’ve always been obsessed with trying to connect the phantasm with previous events. How did this Read more

So You Think You’re Better Than The Medieval Inquisition

So You Think You’re Better Than The Medieval Inquisitionfeatured

Don’t think I’ve worn socks with heels for years… Wait, let me check that. Well, I searched my blog and found this. Hilarious. Can’t wait until my current photos look that bad to me. I can already see the little details that will bug me when I revisit this post. But I bet there’ll be Read more

The July Edit

The July Editfeatured

Almost August already? Julying! As always, here’s the byproduct of my www surfing this month. Wouldn’t ming getting any of these for my b-day in August, jussayin. What pieces are you eyeing now? I triple heart-eyes that exorbitantly costly Zac Posen bag.



Sometimes wearing an over-the-top outfit and meeting other visual ecstasy fanatics is just what you need on a Saturday afternoon. You never know whom you might encounter: a lovely girl whos bike has its own Instagram account, a globetrotter who will teach you to travel smart, a girl who ballets all over the world or Read more

Confession: I Still Wear My Litas

Confession: I Still Wear My Litasfeatured

Wearing Litas for (almost) the first time in years, now where did I see this walk before? Oh right, the grace and posture of a newborn puppy. Blogger warning: if you get caught in the rain wearing these, and instead of running for cover you take photos, DO NOT under any circumstances slip. You won’t Read more

Summer Layers

Summer Layersfeatured

After wearing this pair of ridiculous trousers with a top that’s arguably even more ludicrous, I thought I’d try a slightly more subdued combination. Something softer and more wearable, like this knit crop top, nude kitten heels and my favourite kimono belt. Add a touchable fur bag, throw your hair into a distressed fishtail braid (it Read more

Mom Jeans, Not the Cool Mom Kind

Mom Jeans, Not the Cool Mom Kindfeatured

This post continues my love affair with ridiculous trousers. I’ve done the corny culottes, the sudden pajama, the bossy toddler pant – my skinny jeans have been neglected. But there’s one style I didn’t incorporate into my closet: The Mom Jeans. I was on the hunt for that perfect pair. Until now, that is. I finally Read more

Sends Frills Down My Spine

Sends Frills Down My Spinefeatured

This look embodies everything I love about fashion. It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s ironic and dreamy at the same time. It moves beautifully and molds a completely new shape out of your body (which is a good thing, right?). It is an ode to fun and fearless style. I’d wear it to my birthday, my Read more