The Kimono Belt That (After Several Years, but Still) Could

The Kimono Belt That (After Several Years, but Still) Couldfeatured

I’ve stayed away from colourful pieces most of my life. First, as a teenage goth (srsly), then, hesitant to wear overly bright outfits that may seem clownish (like, to whom?!). I’ve been making an effort to push my fashion boundaries ever since I started this blog (am I making progress?), but on most days safe options Read more

Uh Huh, Honey, You Need Nature

Uh Huh, Honey, You Need Naturefeatured

I’m a metropolitan girl at heart. I love architecture and city lights, hip restaurants and quiet cafes, museums and shopping. But even the Carrie Bradshaws among us need a breath of fresh air from time to time. Nature is humbling. It reminds us of who we are, it gives us peace of mind and strength Read more

Don’t Be an Entitled Douchebag

Don’t Be an Entitled Douchebagfeatured

I never understood the fascination with bad boys. I mean, I live for a leather jacket and a condescending smirk. The ability to justly punch someone in the face can be admirable although I prefer a man who can destroy his opponents intellectually. But letting a person get away with terrible things just because he/she (let’s Read more

Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe

Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbefeatured

The thing about art is, everything has been done. It has been done multiple times, and probably far better than you could ever do. A pensive demon against the sunset? Been there. A red-haired girl standing on a giant hoop over a lake? Uh-huh. Cats, splashes of water and a gentleman with a glorious moustache Read more

Bloodthirsty Sun

Bloodthirsty Sunfeatured

So I was thinking… Aztecs sacrificed people so that the sun would rise, right? What if… the sun really needs blood to be shed to rise? And if people stopped killing each other, it wouldn’t? There was definitely violence every day since Aztecs. What if we reached utopia? We’d try to fabricate clones, but their Read more

A Morning in Amsterdam

A Morning in Amsterdamfeatured

There’s no better way to start a morning in Amsterdam than going to their biggest and most important museum: the famous Rijksmuseum. Some of the selling points are the greatest works of Dutch art, a vast collection of delftware, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, and coffee that looks as good under the Read more

A Shoulder to Try On

A Shoulder to Try Onfeatured

Impression, Apple Garden

Impression, Apple Gardenfeatured

Summer is fast approaching with its heat, its mosquitos, its sweaty subway dwellers, its college deadlines and its A/C wars. But there’s still some time to wear oversized sweaters and over the knee boots, while strolling through real life impressionist paintings that are blooming apple gardens. But what now? Oh, the season is over already? Read more

The May Edit

The May Editfeatured

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Keukenhof Gardens: Where Good Tulips Go After They Die

Keukenhof Gardens: Where Good Tulips Go After They Diefeatured

I’m probably just imagining this trip. This place doesn’t exist, does it? If not for the unbelievable crowds (at 10 AM), and the hundreds of photos, I’d be convinced this was all a dream. If you’re ever around Amsterdam in spring, please go, despite the crowds. Here’s their website.