It’s been hard to shoot outfit photos lately as my boyfriend (lets just call him M :)) works late hours these days. He leaves when it’s still dark outside and comes home late at night. And he is pretty much the only person who can take photos of me on a regular basis. So I thought I’d share some of my instagram shots and some random photos from the past month.

 My dad’s cacti collection. Aren’t they gorgeous?
I love Jamie Oliver 🙂 I’ve already tried some of the recipes and they turned out delicious
 Yeah… I’m a cat lady.

Some shots from the New Year’s Eve and a birthday present for my dear friend Kate.
A rocker-chic bracelet.

I recently discovered L’Occitane cafe and I loved it so much! The food was really good and the rustic interior – don’t even get me started on it.

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 Thank you for reading and let me know if I should post more of these!

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