Such a sweet price to pay

Such a sweet price to payfeatured

Aerosmith – Girls of Summer
Lately it’s been too hot to bother picking out outfits. My morning routine mainly consisted of throwing on shorts and a tee, using a drop of BB cream on my face and tying my hair up in a bun. Not really a photo-worthy look. This maxi dress turned out to be a nice alternative to the shorts-tee combo, it’s thin and breezy, yet excludes the possibility of your bare legs touching the seat in the tube. And that’s a phobia of mine. 

Topshop dress and studded flats, Jeepers Peepers “Audrey” sunnies from Asos

Have a great Friday!

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    • Thank you, Avy, for being such an inspiration! I read every single post on your blog. I wish my writing could be half as strong as yours. And I’ll definitely visit your friend’s blog! 🙂

  • i really love your maxi dress and necklace dear, so rad! you look so stunning and beautiful! <3 xx

    Letters To Juliet

    • Thanks! The dress may become a summer staple for me 🙂

  • Как подумаю, в дрожь бросает) Если только на краешек присесть)

    • Во-во) Аналогично)))

  • Аха, я тоже терпеть не могу сидеть в транспорте в коротких шортах или ,упасибоже, в юбке))) Такие платья, однозначно, спасают)