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Richard Cheese – People Equal Shit (Slipknot cover)
What else to do on Monday while staying in sick, than to dress up and pull some crazy posing on the camera. Also, make Leo wear a matching outfit (he wasn’t really willing to participate, see last photo). 

Topshop “Leigh” waxed skinnies, Bershka sweater, H&M creepers, Topman beanie


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  • love love your outfit (and all your others too). the sweater is so perfect for fall and i love waxed skinnies! you have amazing style and such great pictures. i can’t believe you don’t have more followers yet! i am following via bloglovin because gfc is not working at the moment. i would love it if you could check out my blog!!



    • Thank you so much, you’re too kind 🙂 I think I don’t gain followers because I suck at self-promotion :- I’m checking out your blog right now 😉

  • hehe found you from heartifb 🙂
    and i really like your sweater, been wanting to get something similar… haha.

    I’m from Canada and I’ve been thinking of pursuing being a interpreter/translator too! we should talk more hahahaha. 😛


    • Thanks, Jessie 🙂 I’m loving IFB, a lot of new followers and followings! You reminded me I should update my info, cause I’ve already graduated 😀 What languages do you plan to specialise in? I could help you with Russian haha 🙂