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Suzanne Vega – My Favorite Plum
My obsession with deep colors continues – meet my new burgundy skirt, a recent Topshop purchase. I complemented it with a cozy cardigan, black heels, a cup of hot beverage – all three oversized – and an array of quirky accessories (a “face” ring, a “teacup-and-teapot” ring, studs, sculls…). A comfy look for sipping cocoa in a cafe, it’s even outside-proof when paired with a scarf… Naah, it is not. It just snowed for the first time here in Moscow. FIRST SNOW PEOPLE. Too soon, snow. Too soon.

Topshop skirt, clutch and heels, Zara tee and scarf, Oasis cardigan

Photos by Oleg
P.S. How sick is that fully-Photoshopped shot above? I wish I looked like this in real life 🙂

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