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Florence and the Machine – What the Water Gave Me
This native-American-inspired look was shot in a beautiful park by a river. How stupid of me to ignore this dreamy and serene place for years, it is just a five-minute drive from my place. It’s unbelievable how nature manages to flourish within closest distance of busy highways. I’m sitting in front of a huge computer screen, surrounded by electronic devices, constant sound of cars rushing by coming through closed windows, but just looking at these photos makes me feel calm.
Tell me, do you live in a big city? How do you cope with the high pace of life, polluted air and continuous noise? Does it drive you crazy sometimes (or all the time)? And if you reside close to untouched nature… Well, I’m envious. Tell me how awesome that is. Yeah, make it even worse for me 😀

Topshop cardigan, H&M hat, Miss Selfridge leather shorts (old), Stradivarius feather necklace (just seen)

While writing this post I found out that the beautiful and stylish Anh from thaDarlinh included me in her blog introductions post! Thanks, Anh 🙂 You can see other awesome blogs she recommends here.

Photos again shot by talented Oleg

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