Deftones – Bored
Tell me, back when you were a kid, if you complained to your parents about being bored, did they tell you only boring people get bored? Well, I must be a very boring person (I can almost hear a voice in my head exclaiming Oh, really sarcastically haha). I do get bored easily, although I hate to admit it. But when I saw this cute bright blue sweater at Topshop a couple of days ago I immediately imagined a shoot where I portray that resentful kid who has everything and still gets all whiney and ungrateful. Almost in time to Thanksgiving (which we don’t really celebrate, so this is in fact totally unintended) to remind myself that at times I resemble that kid a bit too much. Anyway, I think I nailed the resentfully bored look. And I wasn’t bored while doing that 😀

Photos and editing by Oleg.
Topshop sweater
Zara ombre jeans
JC Litas

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