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Gift guide: Fashionistafeatured

  Holidays are looming and we all know what it means: shopping for presents. I’ve personally always struggled with this and one thing I learned was: START EARLY! Seriously. Right now. For all the procrastinators out there: I feel your pain. But tackle it now and you’ll thank yourself later, promise. If you live in Russia or a county with similarly outrageous postal service you should probably place an order on an international online store right now to get it till holidays too.
  I decided to start a series of gift guides for people who dread present-picking just like I do. And it’s only natural for me to begin with prezzies for a fashionista. Whether it is a fellow blogger or your fashion-loving friend, here are my ideas on what to get for that stylish girl. And I wouldn’t mind finding any of these under the Christmas tree either 🙂
  If you’re on a budget, fun accessories is the way to go. Most mass market stores carry some kind of jewelry, and fashion-lovers can never get enough of of these little trinkets. Here’s an assortment of nice pieces from the stores of my choice: studded bow, skulls and spikes bracelets, eye necklacecat ears.
Quality makeup
  Getting great makeup as a gift is the way to go if you don’t wan’t to break the bank, but still wish to stay classy. I am a MAC girl, but Urban Decay, Nars and  Bobbi Brown are all great for both everyday staples and bold finds. Keep in mind the recipient’s complexion and preferences, go for classics if you’re unsure. Here are my picks from the brands: Bobbi Brown NailpolishNars lipstick in VesuveoUrban Decay Black Palette, Mac lipstick in Darkside (I’m stupid with their site, but you shouldn’t have a problem finding it through the search). You can see how Darkside looks on me in real life here and here.
  This just goes without saying – if she’s on Instagram, she probably needs just one more pretty iPhone case. To take selfies in a mirror!
Cute bag
  You can score quirky budget-friendly bags on Asos and they have free worldwide delivery! I noticed they seem to deliver a lot faster than other brands mostly do too. I adore these little bags above: rabbit bag, pony flap bag, zip horse clutch, keyhole book clutch

  I adore everything they do. I spend lots of time on their website trying to decide on the purchase, yet I can not cut down my wish list. Absolutely impossible. Here you can see a fraction of that list, namely  darth vader swimsuitbeach leggings, tiger swimsuit, skyline dress.


A pair of Jeffrey Campbells

  It-girls love them! You can’t go wrong with a pair of these, whether you chose LitaShadow or Foxy. Rodman is my personal fave. Just be sure to grab them fast if you see the right size, these shoes are sold out in a blink of an eye.

Enviable pieces

  If you really wanna spoil your fashionista, I’ve got some ideas on high-end gifts. All of these are exorbitantly costly, but will make any stylish gal the happiest gal. Here are my thoughts on what to get if you’re unmentionably rich: Valentino bagBurberry owl clutch, Alaia boots, Alexander Mcqueen dress.

  Did you find my list helpful? Should I add more of the expensive gifts? Send me the links to your gift guides in the comment section, I’d love to read them!


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