Cointreau Mix Masters party and a strawberry cocktail

Cointreau Mix Masters party and a strawberry cocktailfeatured

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  If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a pic of me on Cointreau Mix Masters party a couple of weeks ago. They invited some bloggers to try the new delicious Cointreau-based cocktails and to take a look at a barmen competition. Here’s what I wore to the event (pics taken by their photographer). 

River Island jeans, Oasis cardigan, Prada bag, JC Litas

  They also gave us a bottle of Cointreau, so I decided to give one of the recipes from their website a go. Cointreau Fizz Strawberry and Mint didn’t seem complicated and I love strawberries! The cocktail turned out nice and fresh. I used Schweppes Bitter  lemon but I’d prefer something a bit sweeter next time. I’ll be coming back to this recipe a lot come summer!  

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