Gift guide: Kitchen queen (or king, possibly)

Gift guide: Kitchen queen (or king, possibly)featured

  I am a food junkie: I love eating, and I love cooking almost as much. I’m always on the hunt for new culinary things and ideas. Here is a mix of stuff I own and swear by and things I’d be excited to find underneath the Christmas tree, to help you chose a present for an aspiring cook.

1. Cookie cutters ($4, Ikea) These are the perfect stocking-stuffers: extremely affordable but still cute and festive (and you could get homemade cookies in return).
2. Cute patterned trays ($5, Ikea) Another adorable gift from Ikea that won’t break the bank – holiday-themed trays for Christmas cookie arrangement.

3. Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals ($15, Amazon) I’m a huge fan of this guy. You could buy any book you prefer, but I swear by his recipes! I now own three of his books, including the 30 minute meal one (many of the recipes have become my culinary staples) and I’m willing to try this one too.
4. Pizza Stone ($40, Crate&Barrel) As soon as you try stone-baked pizza you wouldn’t want to go back to that spongy rack-printed shame of a pizza. And while this helpful kitchen prop gets pizza crust just right, it has even more hidden potential than you could have imagined. It heats evenly and helps with keeping constant temperature inside the oven. I got mine from Crate&Barrel and already cooked pizza (obviously), steak and roast beef with it. I read you can bake delicious tortillas and bread on this thing too! 

5. Storage jars ($78, Anthropologie)  There are always things to store in a busy kitchen: several types of flour and sugar, pasta and dried spices, cookies and sweets. Adorable storage jars are the way to do it!
6. Wooden chopping board ($85, Anthropologie) There can never be enough quality wooden chopping boards, and the pretty ones double for serving!
7.Kitchen machine ($532, Amazon) I own a Kenwood machine, but there are options. If you are willing to spoil you kitchen queen, consider this piece of cooking bliss. It makes dough for those snowman cookies in a flash and blends gravy for turkey within seconds.

  Hope you found this guide helpful! I’m going to continue enjoying the holidays – we just brought the Christmas tree home 🙂

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