Holiday outfit ideas: Party for two

Holiday outfit ideas: Party for twofeatured

Cynthia Basinet – Santa Baby
Herman’s Hermits – There’s a Kind of Hush
Fats Waller – Winter Weather

  Soirees and welcoming families aside, this is the way I am spending New Year’s eve – staying in with M. Here’s a glimpse of my approach to cute home wear. Those thigh-high sock things are never as appropriate as at home; I also rarely wear this dress outside due to its arguably indecent length. And a piece from his closet – M’s toffee-coloured cashmere sweater pictured here. Playful outfits without trying-too-hard feel to them are my go to for leisure time. Well, I don’t really wear jewelry with these, but it’s the NYE after all!
  Also, I shot these myself, so they can’t boast outstanding quality like Oleg’s photos. I still need practice!
 Tell me what you thought about those adorable festive love songs! Have a safe Apocalypse everyone (or have we already survived it? not sure).

Topshop dress and socks
Burberry men’s sweater

Bershka lace shorts
Topshop tee
River Island dreamcatcher necklace and sequined slippers
Oasis cardigan

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