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Winter skin and hair carefeatured

  Our closets always mirror changes of season – in our summer dresses we’d freeze during the winter. But your skincare regimen should reflect temperature shifts as well. As the temps drop and central heating is turned on, our skin suffers both outside the house and indoors. If you have dry skin (like I do) you probably don’t skip moisturizing, but you should double the efforts during the winter time. Here are some products that are my life-savers every winter. I should warn you Body Shop takes up quite a space on my beauty shelf. I just love what they do and I’m not payed by them or receive free samples (not that I would mind to).

  SPF moisturizer – Don’t stop using sunscreen just because summer is over. You still need to protect your face and hands from the sun during colder months. Snow reflects rays so much they may even become harmful to your eyes, so sunscreen is a must! My fave is The Body Shop Vitamin E SPF 15 moisture lotion, it is also suitable for under eye area. I also recently bought their Vitamin C SPF 30 daily moisturizer and it is quite nice, lighter and less creamy.

  Heavy moisturizer – I use this at night and under my foundation before photoshoots (SPF creams tend to look white on pics with flash). I prefer The Body Shop Vitamin E intense moisture cream and Clinique Redness Solutions urgent relief cream for extra dry patches.

  Protective lipbalm – Wind and cold make lips chap… Which is extremely noticeable under red and burgundy lipsticks! Use a heavy lip balm every day. I like The Body Shop Hemp lip conditioner and L’Occitane ultra rich lip balm with Shea butter.

  Creamy face wash – I use a foamy formula during the summer and switch to creamy wash at colder months. And I make sure to apply moisturizer right after using it. Mine is The Body Shop Vitamin E gentle face wash.

  Protective hand cream – Keeping your gloves on outside (and your rubber gloves when washing dishes) is a sure way to protect your hands. However it is impossible to always abide by this rule – how would you Instagram a selfie in the falling snow with your gloves on? A rich buttery cream will build a thin protective layer on your skin. Make sure to reapply throughout the day! I use L’Occitane hand cream with Shea butter at night and carry a mini version of The Body Shop Hemp hand protector in my bag.

  Hair serum – There are some simple rules for winter hair care – cover your head with a scarf or a hat outdoors, don’t leave the house with wet hair, lay off blow drier/curling iron more often then not. But sometimes you still need something to tame frizzy hair, even if you follow the steps above and use shampoo and conditioner appropriate for your hair type. My hair get especially knotty when I wear sweaters and turtlenecks. I use The Body Shop Grapeseed glossing serum, it’s not greasy at all, so you don’t risk ruining a shirt. I also like Herbal Essences Long-term Relationship leave-in conditioner.

  Holiday collections – Glittery, bright, deliciously scented – can you resist them? These beauties are Ginger Sparkle and Cranberry Joy shower gels from The Body Shop, Spicy Cinnamon scented candle from L’Occitane and MAC’s nail lacquer in Everything that Glitters.

  Hope you found this helpful and tell me about your winter beauty essentials! Maybe you have some DIY recipes or winter make up ideas?

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