Valentine’s day outfit ideas: Sweet vs Seductive

Valentine’s day outfit ideas: Sweet vs Seductivefeatured

Aerosmith – Angel

Beyonce – Fever
  I know Valentine’s day is tomorrow, but my time management skills… They basically just do not exist. I promise I am working on that. Here is a pair of last-minute V-day outfit ideas: I’m channeling a Victoria’s Secret cotton candy babe in the first set and a vampy Angelina/Queen B/insert your fave diva   kind of gal in the second. Not in the cat photo, obviously. I fail at modeling because I tend to get distracted from the main idea and just start… being me, I guess. I admire models who can make a picture talk – I hope some day I get to pick outfits for a fabulous woman and see how she works her angles on camera.
  I had so much fun shooting both of these looks. The kitty did hurt me a bit though, but I deserved it. She wasn’t in the mood to model. I also figured I should post two songs since there are two looks. Which one do you prefer?

First look:
H&M dress
JC Litas
Topshop socks

Second look:
Aldo bag
Topshop skirt and top
H&M cuffs

Photos and editing by Oleg

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