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King Crimson – Walking on Air

  In just over a week I will once again feel these exhilarating sun rays on my skin, see the magnificent ocean and maybe get to meet even more adorable animals. The thought of returning so soon started as a joke between M and me, but as May holidays approached, we found ourselves in a constant daydream of going back to Tenerife. And now, the tickets are booked, a room in a hotel right next to Playa de Las Americas awaits, and I doubt we could be any more giddy and excited.
  These photos from our last visit in January are a fraction of those couple of hundreds I took with my new Nikon D600, but it turned out my skills could use quite a bit of brushing up. These few turned out decent (I guess), so I figured I’d post them. Make sure you click read more!
  You can see other pics from Tenerife here and here.

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