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  My b-day is next tuesday (yay for August babes!) and I thought it would be fun to share a little wish list with you. Here is a mix of things that I’ve been meaning to get and things I’ve been obsessing about for the past months.

1. Bike. Summer is almost over and I still haven’t rode a bike! If only I had a pretty bicycle all to myself… I love this gorgeous one from Abici among others.

2. Activity Tracker. I’m curious to try this fun device from Fitbit.

3. D&G cage heels. I’ve been obsessed with many pieces ever since I saw the f/w 14 collection, but the caged roses were absolutely unforgettable.

4. Pastel sneakers. I already own a pair of white Airmax and they are my go-to everyday shoes. But maybe my shoe collection could fit just one more pastel pair? I love pink Airmax, but the gorgeous (and exorbitantly costly) Jeremy Scott for Adidas are on the top of my list.

5. Essie polish. These great polishes get me every time. I just love their quality and the variety of colors.

6. Long cape. A dramatic piece I would love to incorporate into my wardrobe this fall. I liked the ones from Marios Schwab.

7. Books on fashion. A fraction of fashion reads I’m interested in right now: Sleeping with the Enemy and Yves Saint Laurent Style.

8. Vitamix Blender. If you follow me on Instagram you might know smoothies are a part of my everyday life. I make one from frozen berries with a scoop of whey protein to aid post-workout muscle recovery daily. Unfortunately, my blender is not powerful enough to blend dates or frozen bananas, so I often end up with huge chunks of unblended fruit in my smoothies. I know, first world problem, but that’s why it is on my wish list, not to-buy list.

9. Gladiator sandals. I didn’t get round to buying them when they were in a couple of years ago (my legs were kinda on the chubbier side back then), but now they seem to be having a comeback and I am definitely willing to give them a try.

10. Cute water bottle. I don’t look cute at the gym as I prefer intense workouts, but I’d love to have something cute to look at (and to stop contributing to the amount of plastic waste humankind produces).

11. Apron. I’m the kind of gal who changes into homewear after the dress/jeans/shirt has been ruined during cooking. But after searching high and low I still can not find a nice apron!

12. TresEmme dry shampoo (not shown). An essential product in my hair routine, unfortunately TresEmme must be reluctant to enter Russian market. I have to hoard it while I’m abroad or beg someone to bring me some.

Tell me what you think about my picks and share your fashion/beauty-related cravings or totally random ones in the comments below!

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