Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Best New Books For Fashionistas

Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Best New Books For Fashionistasfeatured

A blog is like a magazine except it is not. Magazines are made by a group of professionals while bloggers mostly do it alone, which means having to tap into all sorts of areas including photography, writing, promotion, web design and more. It becomes overwhelming at times!

One thing a blogger (and anyone) needs to do is learn from the top players. New books on fashion emerge every day, but when a fashion mogul publishes one, you can not miss it. As Grace Coddington says: “Always keep your eyes open, you never know where inspiration might strike you.” But you can count on these books for inspiration.

Click through the gallery below to see my picks from the latest books on fashion and have fun shopping for that it-girl (or boy) in your life. Maybe it’s you. I know I’d love to get all of these heheh. Click here to see my previous gift guides.

What are some of your favourite fashion books? Which ones do you look forward to reading?

  На современного пользователя интернета каждый день обрушивается огромное количество информации, и наша блогерская благородная цель – фильтровать этот поток. Ниже я специально для вас отфильтровала 12 книг о моде – наслаждайтесь 🙂

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