10 Favourite Beauty Products of 2014 (that are still going strong)

10 Favourite Beauty Products of 2014 (that are still going strong)featured

I am  a creature of habit. As much as I like trying new things, I find comfort in a routine. When it comes to beauty, I find myself gravitating towards the same products and techniques over and over. Below are some things that I was reaching for most in 2014. Some were only introduced to me this year, and some have been in my favourites list for a long time.

Я человек привычки. Люблю пробовать бьюти новинки, но чаще всего все равно возвращаюсь к любимым продуктам. Ниже подборка фаворитов 2014 года, которые до сих пор служат мне верой и правдой.

What are some of your 2014 beauty faves?

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