Inspired: Colourful hair

Inspired: Colourful hairfeatured

I’ve been really into colourful hair lately. Seriously considering taking the plunge and colouring my own. I’d probably pick blue. Don’t they look just so damn classy? Not your average teenage punk kid’s hot mess of a ‘do. Anyone tried hair chalk?

Я серьезно подумываю о синих волосах… У кого-нибудь есть опыт с яркими волосами?) Расскажите!

Blueblue hair

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green hair

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pink hair

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Doja Cat “Nunchucks”

What colour is your favourite? Would you try colourful hair?

А Вам какой цвет больше нравится? Рискнули бы покраситься в яркий цвет?

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  • I am a huge fan of coloured hair. I had purple for a little while, but faded out. Thinking of doing it again. I think blue would look awesome on you.
    I have tried hair chalk before, if you get a quality brand it works really well. However ti does come off on your colours so it’s best for a music festival, or crazy outdoor party. Definitely not an everyday thing.

    • Yana

      I went to a nearby salon, and they gave me a huge price for bleaching and colouring 🙁 And they said I’d have to touch it up every couple of weeks to prevent fading. Was that the case for you? I guess for the chalk to show I’d have to get bleached too. I have the body shop chalk laying around somewhere, but I doubt it is any good.