The Definitive Guide to Spring ’15 trends: Fabrics

The Definitive Guide to Spring ’15 trends: Fabricsfeatured

Continuing my epic s/s 2015 trends series. Here are the fashionable fabrics of the season. Check out colour and print trends too.

Новый пост из моей обширной серии о трендах сезона. Ткани, которые мы будем носить этой весной и летом. Прошлые части были о цветах и принтах.



Denim, double denim, triple denim. Denim bustiers, denim maxis, denim peplums. You get the point. Get your denim tailored, patched or decked with fur. Retro vibe still prevails on the streets.

Джинсы с джинсовой рубашкой, джинсовое бюстье, джинсовый пиджак, джинсовое макси. Джинсовое ВСЕ.

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These are surprisingly classy. Well done, celebrities.

Вот так элегантно могут выглядеть вечерние вещи из денима.

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Shop denim:



Not exactly a summer fabric – another fashion challenge for the season. Goes with the patchwork trend too! Avoid looking like a cowboy by choosing sleek tailoring and/or unexpected colours. Unless, of course, you are going for the wild west look, then stick to marlboro hues and lots of tassels, a la Olivia Palermo below.

Традиционно осенне-зимний материал плавно переходит в лето. Если не хотите выглядеть как ковбой, ищите вещи строгого кроя и неожиданных цветов. А если хотите – берите пример с Оливии Палермо: цвета сафари и бахрома.

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If you still have doubts about wearing suede as your first layer.

Все еще есть сомнения по поводу замшевых платьев?

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Shop suede:



Nothing like a lace summer dress on those warm nights. Innocent white, seductive red, sunny orange or subtly goth black.

Ничто не сравнится с кружевным платьем в летний день. Очаровательное белое, соблазнительное красное, ярко-оранжевое или готично-черное кружево – на каждый случай.

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Colourful lace is always fun, take a cue from these stylish girls.

Цветное кружево всегда выглядит свежо и стильно.

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Shop lace:



From slightly flirty to blatantly inappropriate – you choose. Wear modest/sporty underwear if you’re not exactly going for a lady Godiva impression.

Игриво намекнуть на обнаженное тело или просто раздеться догола – выбор за вами. Закрытое или спортивное нижнее белье – чтобы не арестовали за непристойный вид на улице. 

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You guys, we saw your boobs a million times in photoshoots and stuff. Here are some of the more memorable looks (yes, I remember there were more naked ones, I just find these more pleasing to the eye). And what about butt cleavage? Lol.

Голые звездные образы, которые привлекли мое внимание. Выбор был огромный, конечно.

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Shop transparent:



Not a trend for scorching heat, but I have a feeling leather could be worn in Moscow summer. I especially like the brighter colours. Also, leather culottes. If you can make these work, you are either a fashion genius or the most good looking individual in the world.

Не нужно облачаться в кожу в жаркие дни, но большинство из нас не живут на безоблачном побережье, так что возможность будет. А уж если вы можете заставить кожаные брюки-кюлотты хорошо выглядеть, то вы просто модный гений.

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Three leather dresses and not one whip in sight.

Три кожаных платья и ни одного хлыста – успех.

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Shop leather:

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  • This is a very informative post! I am excited to incorporate suede into my spring wardrobe!

    • Yana

      Thanks! Suede is a tricky fabric for warmer days, but it looks so chic.

  • I really wish I was a fashion person and new how to put clothes together LOL b/c this is a great list! Pinning and sharing. Thanks for sharing at Totally Terrific Tuesday last week. I’m excited to see what you have lined up this week!

    Her Organized Chaos

    • Yana

      Thanks, Sharon! Made this for people who wouldn’t bother to sift through all the fashion shows but still like to a peek of the season’s trends 🙂

  • so excited for Spring ’15 trends! love love love all of them!

    Pudding Monster

    • Yana

      Can’t wait to try them too 🙂

  • Am totally on board with all these asides the transparent dressing trend. When used to accentuate your outfit (lie an outwear or sexy top) I love it but to show off my panties is a no no for me (btw, I don’t think I have any panties that will cover by butt that well lol).

    • Yana

      One would need grandma panties and lots of attitude to sport transparent bottoms lol. But I’d stick to sheer panels, I’m afraid I don’t possess this kind of attitude 😀 I saw a girl wearing a mesh midi that totally exposed her underwear at a restaurant – she looked badass, but I wouldn’t be able to do it as nonchalantly 🙂

  • Amazing post! We love it! Thanks for sharing!

    xx Anna and Christel
    <3 it takes 2 to fashion

    • Yana

      Thank you, girls 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup. Pinned to our Linkup board. Hope you join us again.

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      Thank you, Gail, I sure will 🙂