Outfit of the day: Cobalt Blue Wrap Dress (and my love affair)

Outfit of the day: Cobalt Blue Wrap Dress (and my love affair)featured

The wrap dress is the most feminine and flattering piece, and I believe it is one of the must-haves for any woman’s closet. But the fact is, I never owned one until recently. I guess I just didn’t meet the right one. But it was love at first sight with this vibrant number.

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People always say you shouldn’t love your possessions, but I have a passionate affair with my closet. These clothes hold memories, tell stories, and they most definitely have personalities. I collect them like art, and my wardrobe is as much a gallery as it is my biography.

A Handful of Stories

I enjoyed masquerades since childhood, later on I discovered there are more subtle ways of dressing up than a pirate costume. But the role play aspect has been crucial to me ever since. This time around I chose to be feminine and bold, with a touch of fifties. You know, that girl who hustles hard, always graceful and strong, but deep down she just wants to bake pies and meet her husband from work with a glass of martini ready.

A Handful of Stories

Wanna meet my other personas? It is a bit like superhero disguise, one second you are just another citizen, but change your outfit and you’re ready to fight villains (or be a villain, for that matter). So here are my costumes of a carefree dreamer, an uptown witch, a punk kid and, of course, the fashion stylist (everyone totally bought into that one).

outfit of the day, ootd, blue wrap dress, a handful of stories

Дебют моего первого платья с запахом! Я влюблена в него. Спасибо Наташе за фото и обработку.

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Shop wrap dresses:

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Photos and editing by Natalia Karpova

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Do you have clothes that hold dear memories? Or make you feel like a superhero/super-villain (whichever you prefer)?


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