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After Barcelona our next stop was Paris. I love Paris, the sleek vibe, the sophisticated people, the magnificent buildings and some roller-coaster of a history… Living here is definitely on my bucket list.


После Барселоны мы отправились в Париж. Париж – один из моих любимейших городов, надеюсь когда-нибудь пожить здесь.


So I was wearing this and a french guy walked up to me saying he thought my outfit looked amazing and how that was the reason he was asking for my number. Question: Is this a generic pick up line in Paris? Can’t imagine this scenario in Moscow, unless it’s a fashion gathering. Either way, thanks for making my day, random guy 😀


An outfit with this off shoulder dress here6.


You know how in every part of the world people think their city is the best and all the others suck? Well in Paris you can practically feel it in the air. And boy, does my inflated ego feel at home here. Lol.


Did you know Victor Hugo thought his destiny was to write “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” because the cathedral resembles the first letter of his name? He saw God’s will in this and the novel saved Notre Dame from demolition in 19th century.


I never saw people actually buying stuff from these little book markets by the Seine… But they do look charming.


I booked an apartment through One Fine Stay, and our home was a real Parisian home, lived in, obviously well loved, filled with books, art and vintage knick knacks.


I might not speak french, but I can definitely be “arrogant a la francaise”. You can check out the hoodie here.


Didn’t get to see Les Invalides inside, but look at these bunnies living  just outside!


Versailles is absolutely mind-blowing. Those guys were not afraid to overdo it. Did you see Rihanna’s Dior ad in Versailles? She’s known for always going that extra mile in her style, persona and music, so I believe it was a perfect match.


Marie Antoinette’s bed. Apparently people slept half-seated back then, that’s why those lavish beds are always so short (but my Olympus is a crop, couldn’t fit much).


Didn’t even need to search for locations, our terrace was in full bloom.


We saw these endless fields of yellow flowers while driving through northern France. Oh, the regret of not staying longer! Stay tuned for the final destination of our trip! Also, I’m writing a little something on the best food in Paris.

parisParis is always a good idea-2What’s your favourite thing about Paris?


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  • Great outfits. Paris is my favorite. I can’t go there enough to be satisfied. Living there is definitely on my bucket list too.

    • So true Celeste, there can never be enough of Paris.

  • bahaha love that pick up line!

    • That could’ve even worked under different circumstances haha

  • Gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing with #LINKUPWITHLISA @

    • Thank you for hosting, Lisa!

    • Thank you Lisa 🙂

  • Gorgeous photos and outfits!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

    • Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  • Paris is on my bucket list. Your photos are beautiful!

    Doused In Pink

  • You are quite a traveller. The photographs are beautiful. I like your style and the outfits, as well. Good job!
    Via Turning heads link-up!
    I will be honored if you stop by sometime at Elegant 40!

    • Thank you, Martina, I will definitely check out your blog 🙂

  • Your photos are gorgeous! Although it’s a cliche, my favorite things about Paris include the fashion, food, and art. Maybe people watching too! Your post makes me want to visit the city of lights again!


    • Thanks, Katie! Those things are cliche for a reason 🙂 People watching in Paris is the best. I’m ready to start packing for this city any moment 🙂

  • I love travel, but it’s kind of strange that I never wanted to see Paris. This city is on the bottom of my bucket list!
    Your travel outfits are lovely!
    Alena &

    • Thank you 🙂 For me Paris has always been a dream destination.

  • Your photos are gorgeous! Looks like you are literally living a dream. Paris is on my bucket list.


    • Thank you, Teresa!

  • Even though part of my heritage is around Paris, my favorite time was leaving the traffic, noise and exorbitant prices. But then, a sleek look is somewhere near the bottom of my list, because they do not define me.

    • I live in a big city too, so I know what you mean. Moscow definitely beats Paris in traffic and prices (not that it’s a good competition). It gets overwhelming and impossible to enjoy at times. But Paris excels in fashion, for sure. I find that visual satisfaction is among my top priorities, not sure if it’s a bad thing.
      Paris also has sentimental value for me because of everything I’ve read, watched and heard growing up. It couldn’t possibly disappoint.