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Earlier this month ASOS approached me offering to pick a couple of things from their evening collection. And I was like FREE SHOPPING AT MY FAVE PLACE EVR SAY WHAAT. I only featured ASOS here and here and here. And here. Then I typed “Thank you dear sirs. I kindly considered your offer and I believe your brand fits the message of my blog.” or something like this. Probably something completely different. I never reread sent emails. Gives me anxiety.

I do, however, go through every interaction I’ve had in a day, focusing on every little detail until I convince myself people hated me or assumed I’m a crazy person. So there’s that.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… those are some dope pom-pom shoes.

Strengths – shoe game. Weaknesses – staying on message.

Coral midi skirt and pom pom heels summer outfit . Found on A Handful of Stories.

Летний образ, который мы с Наташей отсняли на корабле. Образ полностью из вечерней коллекции ASOS. Яркая юбка миди, белая футболка и интересные аксессуары – подходящий наряд для завтрака на корабле с блогерами и редакторами. Или другого мероприятия, где нужно одновременно выглядеть ультрамодно и так, будто вам все равно.

Coral midi skirt and pom pom heels summer outfit . Found on A Handful of Stories.Do you re-read sent emails?

Coral midi skirt and pom pom heels summer outfit . Found on A Handful of Stories.Pom pom strappy heels from ASOS on A Handful of Stories fashion blog.

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"Bye" purse from ASOS on A Handful of Stories.

Photos and editing by Natalia Karpova

Some of the links in this post are affiliate. Proceeds support this blog. This outfit was gifted by ASOS, the pieces were chosen by me. This post is not sponsored. All opinions are mine. I would never lie to y’all. We’re pals, right? RIGHT?

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