Blue Maxi and a Thank You Note to my House Spirit

Blue Maxi and a Thank You Note to my House Spiritfeatured

Here in Russia we have substantial house spirit culture. You see, a Russian home is rarely in perfect order. We love things, love keeping as much of our things on display as possible and we don’t get minimalism. Naturally, stuff gets lost, broken and mixed up, seemingly without your participation.

I don’t know if this was the case with ancient Slavic tribes, but they invented a house spirit we now call domovoi. He is mostly a well-meaning creature, but you better not provoke him. Also, he will mess with you just for fun. Tricks include: pestering your crops, bothering your cattle, pinching your wife while she sleeps and most importantly, hiding your stuff.

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But if you cherish your domovoi, he’ll be on your team. I must have been good to mine, because after a year, he finally returned this blue maxi dress. I’m sure he reads this blog on my laptop at night, so here’s a little thank you note.

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Dear Domovoi,

Thank you for your generosity the other day, I very much appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed wearing my dress as much as I do. I will continue to leave cookie crumbs around and inside computer keyboard for you, and you may keep spooking my cats from time to time. Hope we can keep this good thing going.

Yours truly,


Maxi dress and flash tattoos outfit A Handful of Stories.

Do you have house spirits in your culture?

Photos and editing by Natalia Karpova

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