4 Summer Shoes + Bag Pairings

4 Summer Shoes + Bag Pairingsfeatured

Russian climate rarely gives an opportunity to wear pretty shoes, so when the sun finally comes out, we all bust out our favourite pairs and wear the hell out of them. You will see many a girl shopping for groceries or taking the subway in her most exquisite heels around here. We don’t take our style choices lightly. In the spirit of Russian fashion consciousness, I came up with these four summer shoes + bag combos and tried to imagine an appropriate occasion for each.

Pom pom heels + Fur clutch

Pink pom pom kitten heels paired with a fur clutch. Found on A Handful of Stories.

This pairing should be reserved for mr Big’s proposal, but I guess a picnic overlooking the Eiffel tower would do too. I wore these heels to a blogger brunch here.


Sneakers + Backpack

Nike Thea sneakers paired with a blue Kanken Mini backpack. Found on A Handful of Stories.

I’d wear these comfy sneakers and backpack to hop on a train somewhere in Europe and let it take me to a place I’ve never been before. And I will most definitely need a couple polka dot straws there.


Wedges + Pop art clutch

Blue straw wedges paired with pop art clutch. Found on A Handful of Stories.

Now this combo here would be perfect for a posh event where you have to pretend like you know fashion trends, have a grasp of modern art and are generally a cool person. Like I was doing here.

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Jelly sandals + Mini tweed bag

Jelly shoes paired with a tweed mini bag. Found on A Handful of Stories.

This one is a no-brainer – this pairing is made for frolicking in a secret garden with rabbits and lil birds. Because where else would that ridiculously tiny bag come in handy?


What’s your favourite pair of shoes this summer?


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