7 Pairs of Shades for the Sunglass Hoarder

7 Pairs of Shades for the Sunglass Hoarderfeatured

I must confess: I’m a terrible hoarder. I own a box of aged tester sachets from all the times they went with a purchase or a magazine. Those are pretty much never used, apart from the times I fish out one moisturiser to take with me on a trip, and then forget about it until I come back home and find it in my bag. To the box it returns! I still have a whole A3 size art supplies bag from that time I tried to paint years ago. BUT YOU GUYS I MIGHT NEED IT SOMEDAY SOON. I bought a new pair of black leather boots and didn’t throw out the old. It’s been five years.

It’s not that I’m lazy (although I most definitely am), it’s just that I have that crippling feeling I will need this exact seemingly useless item. And so I leave it be. But my dusty drawers crammed with bizarre stuff is not what this post’s all about. This post is about the items I proudly keep on display. I don’t hoard sunglasses. I collect them.

The line is very thin here, but not if you think of it this way: Hoarding interferes with your life. Like that time my cat jumped on the shelf and shattered all those empty perfume bottles. Or when my brother suffered asthma attacks because I kept all of my forest finds (twigs, leaves, random insects) under the bed when we were little. A collection enhances your life. Like an array of pretty perfume bottles. Or forest treasures. Ok, I see the problem here.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: 7 pairs of summer sunglasses for a sunglass hoarder collector.

Classic retro

IMG_6184IMG_6276Shop classic retro sunglasses:



Shop mirrored sunglasses:



Shop round sunglasses:



Shop studded sunglasses:



Shop pink sunglasses:


New aviators


Shop aviator sunglasses:

Clear rim


Shop clear rim sunglasses:

What are you hoarding/collecting?


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