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Can you define your style in a single word? What’s your favourite colour? If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be?

Bright pink skirt and mens white shirt outfit found on A Handful of Stories.

When I was growing up I felt like I needed to “belong”. Am I with the goth kids? The sports crowd? The nerds? As I jumped from one social group to another, my style went through drastic changes. Black maxis? Check. Smart baby blue cargo pants? Uh-huh. Vans skater sneakers? Been there done that. Neon tops? Yup. And each time I tried to acquire the hardcore mindset of the group. “I’ll wear another colour when they invent one darker than black”. “Vans totally go with evening dresses “. “I will never wear shoes again”. (hippies, lol) My dramatic always’ and nevers must’ve been hilarious to my parents but I don’t recall them ever being condescending about it.
I only remember being confronted by a friend once for my lack of commitment to style choices (when I finally wore colour after that first quote). For the most part no one noticed. But you bet I gave myself anxiety attacks thinking about how weak I was for tanning with my friends (deadly goth paleness!), wearing makeup for the first time in college (I was saying I wouldn’t for years!) and listening to Beyoncé when I really should know better.

Bright pink skirt and mens white shirt outfit.

It took me years to finally realize it’s not about pleasing anyone else but myself. I define my style, not the other way around. And I really don’t need the crowd, just a handful of people. Today there’s only one heavily curated aspect to my life: the people I keep in it. Everything else is an experiment, a phase, a lesson to be learned. Maybe someday I’ll turn into one of those classy old ladies. Or one of those crazy hippie ones. But perhaps not. Perhaps change will remain the only constant in my style. And that’s ok. I’ll keep my people close and familiar. I’ll let my style surprise me.

Can you define your style in one word? Do you think it is important to abide by a certain style?

Bright pink skirt and mens white shirt outfit found on A Handful of Stories.

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