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Can you define your style in a single word? What’s your favourite colour? If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be?

Bright pink skirt and mens white shirt outfit found on A Handful of Stories.

When I was growing up I felt like I needed to “belong”. Am I with the goth kids? The sports crowd? The nerds? As I jumped from one social group to another, my style went through drastic changes. Black maxis? Check. Smart baby blue cargo pants? Uh-huh. Vans skater sneakers? Been there done that. Neon tops? Yup. And each time I tried to acquire the hardcore mindset of the group. “I’ll wear another colour when they invent one darker than black”. “Vans totally go with evening dresses “. “I will never wear shoes again”. (hippies, lol) My dramatic always’ and nevers must’ve been hilarious to my parents but I don’t recall them ever being condescending about it.
I only remember being confronted by a friend once for my lack of commitment to style choices (when I finally wore colour after that first quote). For the most part no one noticed. But you bet I gave myself anxiety attacks thinking about how weak I was for tanning with my friends (deadly goth paleness!), wearing makeup for the first time in college (I was saying I wouldn’t for years!) and listening to Beyoncé when I really should know better.

Bright pink skirt and mens white shirt outfit.

It took me years to finally realize it’s not about pleasing anyone else but myself. I define my style, not the other way around. And I really don’t need the crowd, just a handful of people. Today there’s only one heavily curated aspect to my life: the people I keep in it. Everything else is an experiment, a phase, a lesson to be learned. Maybe someday I’ll turn into one of those classy old ladies. Or one of those crazy hippie ones. But perhaps not. Perhaps change will remain the only constant in my style. And that’s ok. I’ll keep my people close and familiar. I’ll let my style surprise me.

Can you define your style in one word? Do you think it is important to abide by a certain style?

Bright pink skirt and mens white shirt outfit found on A Handful of Stories.

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  • Such a strong blog!! Strong with visuals, strong with writing, and strong with intentions… I love it!! I am following =)

    Jessica || http://www.mycubiclechic.com

    • Thank you so much Jessica, it means a lot 🙂

  • I enjoy your thoughts in the post about style. I think it’s important to adhere to what you want and what speaks to you rather than worry about fitting in with a certain crowd.


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂 The topic of personal style is a never ending discussion.

  • Manvi Mittal

    I’m absolutely loving your blog. This outfit is stunning.
    I’ve always been a bit on the edge about my style, never to sure about what I like and what I don’t. It largely depends on how I’m feeling in the mornings but I do think its important to have an idea about your personal style, and what it communicates to the world.


    • Thank you Manvi 🙂 As much as I don’t like to admit that, what your style communicates to the world can be tremendously relevant.

  • Love a bit of pink on any day of the week! Glad I found your blog via Links a la mode – will follow for sure xxx

    • Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • I do like a style post that shares a bit more about the person behind those fabulous glasses, and reveals a sense of personality! I can’t imagine sticking with one style forever – some days I want to be preppy, some days b-girl, some days frilly and feminine… we all have different sides to our character, and are lucky that as girls we get to indulge! Thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou on Mama-andmore.com

    • Exactly! I don’t see myself sticking to a single aesthetic any time soon. Thank you for hosting 🙂

  • Anna D Kart

    I can define my style in one word – classy (I hope at least), because that’ what I aim for. I love your gorgeous skirt and the toned down top and shoes together… Beyond stunning!

    Happy Medley

    • Thank you Anna! If I absolutely had to choose a word, it could be effortless, but I’m not even sure that’s true 😀
      P.S. Love the nude pumps in your latest post!

  • daniela cocacola

    lovely photos by the way 🙂
    WIth seventeen I’m always thinking how much i like to have a style that make me feel a little more guirly but not to much. I feel more like a boy style!

    • I used to prefer boyish style in high school too. That was before I found out how fun experimenting with fashion can be 🙂

  • Irene

    so classy and chic! love the skirt!it’s always better to have your own identity!

    • Does that mean you’re team defined style? 🙂

  • Your story is very relatable. I have gone through many phases of style, most definitely in high school and it all depended on the people that I surrounded myself with.

    It’s nice to hear that I wasn’t the only one going through those phases!

    I feel I have come to a point where I know what I want and my style is constant now. It feels good and I feel most like myself than I ever did before!

    Keep writing these stories, they’re great and so is your writing.

    • Aw, thank you Jina 🙂 I admire your writing as well, I agree with your stance on fashion on so many levels.
      I constantly migrated from one group of people to another in high school as well. I don’t feel the need to belong to a certain group anymore, but I still draw inspiration from all my style phases.

  • I don’t think you have to adhere to one style – it’s fun to dress in whatever inspires you! I love your midi skirt and that clutch! This is such a pretty look!

    Doused In Pink

    • Thank you Jill, that’s what I was trying to say 🙂

  • i love your style. it reminds me of myself. I dress according to my mood, and mixing different styles together. Love your look!

    • Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  • интересное место

  • I love your style! It is goth and angelic all in one.
    Rachel xo

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    Garay Treasures

    • Thank you Rachel! Goth and angelic sounds flattering 🙂