Leather Midi and 6 Superpowers I Wish I Had

Leather Midi and 6 Superpowers I Wish I Hadfeatured

  1. Eating without gaining weight
  2. Fitting all of my wardrobe inside my actual closet
  3. Photoshopping like Natasha
  4. Untangling: hair, headphones, jewellery, relationships
  5. Contouring a la Kim (working on it with the help of this palette)
  6. The ability to feel human emotions (Just kidding. Or am I.)

Leather midi skirt look on A Handful of Stories.

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Leather midi skirt and cartoon print tee outfit on A Handful of Stories.

What superpowers do you wish you could possess?

Triangle choker necklace from ASOS on A Handful of Stories.

Photos and editing by Natalia Karpova

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