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I made a conscious effort to take colourful pictures this time in Barcelona, and it turned out to be quite a challenge. Vibrant objects and locations kept escaping me. Apparently, my memories of the place are so warm and sun-lit, they get saturated in my mind with time. Metaphorically vibrant memories became literal visions of colours. Here’s me adding to the illusion of Barcelona’s explosive vibrance.

Rainbow wall and Barcelona colors on A Handful of Stories.

If you’re after the kind of colours you can eat, La Boqueria is a must. Also check out these awesome places to eat in Barcelona.

Colourful fruits at the Boqueria market in Barcelona.Fresh oysters at la Boqueria in Barcelona.Barcelona colors on A Handful of Stories.

Lighting there is awful, by the way. I recommend going out into sunlight before snapping that smoothie selfie.

Colourful pictures from la Boqueria on A Handful of Stories.Barcelona Colors on A Handful of Stories.Colours of Barcelona on A Handful of StoriesColourful portrait on A Handful of Stories.

More of this look above here.

Barcelona colors on A Handful of Stories.Bright swimsuit in Barcelona.Barcelona architecture on A Handful of Stories.

Where’d you go this summer?

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