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One of my favourite games as a little girl was pretending to be a witch. Princesses are nice and all, but witches kick ass. They make things happen. They know stuff you wouldn’t dream. And the coolest of witches’ skills has to be brewing potions.

Black maxi look on A Handful of Stories.

Mom’s perfume, dad’s shaving cream, a little bit of dust from behind the fridge, a handful of sticks and weeds found in the forest… A picture of a sad child cut out from a newspaper… Maybe also half a bottle of everything beside the bathroom sink? Bring to a boil, cool inside the freezer and store neatly under the bed for future use. Accumulate about a dozen potions (where did all our dishes go?!). Try to use witch powers to make the potions invisible. Fail. Cry as the parents flush all of them down the toilet (so that’s where my photos went! is this a feather from that rotting bird we saw the other day?!). Repeat.

Side slit black maxi dress look.

Although I am (sadly) past the potion-brewing time in my life, and screeching over the sounds of thunderstorm on youtube while cooking dinner scares my cats (and boyfriend), I still seek treasures every day.

Dr martens and black maxi look on A Handful of Stories.

For what is an outfit, of not a potion you brew from many ingredients. Some are always at hand. Some, you had to travel for. You fought battles (on eBay) for certain ingredients. A piece might make an outfit, or it may be a discreet detail, but both play a vital role in the final ensemble. And the result is the feeling your look produces. I went for something like “dont f w me, ima witch” feeling with this outfit.

What feeling were you going for when you got dressed this morning?

Goth maxi dress look on A Handful of Stories.Photos and editing by Natalia Karpova

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