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My cat Leo is my sensei. I can only dream of achieving that level of zen and mindfulness. I learn new things from him every day. Some are still over my head, like the fact that you don’t need to leave the house to experience life. You contain the whole universe within yourself, why would you want to be outside? Time you don’t spend contemplating the laws of existence or becoming in tune with your inner self is time wasted.

I’m sure a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to comprehend all of Leo’s teachings. On one hot morning in Marbella, I tried to implement two of his commandments at once. First and foremost, do all things with grace. I kid you not, he looks graceful when he takes a dump in his sandbox, he’s somehow dignified when he begs for food, and he’s a sweet, delicate creature even while throwing up a fur ball. Here’s me trying to pose delicately on a prickly lawn.

Sleeping in flowers on A Handful of Stories.

Leo’s second axiom I tried to follow is sleeping anywhere and everywhere. You should scout for a comfortable spot, but don’t get carried away. You should never sacrifice your nap time. Just plop down on the ground and you’re good. And, of course, look graceful while you’re doing it.

Although I still can not shake off the stifling rules of society like having to communicate with other people, wear clothes and generally have a life, I’m fascinated by Leo’s infinite understanding of the universe. I’m careful to only catch glimpses of his vision, otherwise it would be like looking at the sun. And I’m only human.

Hair full of flowers on A Handful of Stories.

Well, would you believe it, two sleeping posts in a row. Tell me about your craziest dream in the comments!

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