Two Unbelievable Makeup Looks for Halloween

Two Unbelievable Makeup Looks for Halloweenfeatured

Remember when I used upcoming Halloween as an excuse to pose all scared and mysterious in the center of Moscow? Well, I decided to take it to the next level and collaborate with an excellent makeup artist for two very different, but equally mind blowing looks. Shot by my wonderful Natasha.

Halloween makeup look inspired by cubism on A Handful of Stories.

We looked through some cubist portraits and created this two-in-one piece of art. I’m not that into cubism, but it makes for great creative makeup inspiration. Sveta did a brilliant work drawing the faces, didn’t she? Probably my favourite look ever. Also, my old-timey poses. Not sure if they’re cool or obnoxious, and that’s exactly the feeling I was going for.

Picasso inspired Halloween makeup look.

Who’s your favourite painter?

Branches in the hair Halloween hairstyle on A Handful of Stories.

This one could be a forest fairy or a swamp spirit. I have no idea; I just wanted to put a lot of branches in my hair and wear this lace top backwards. Anyone else getting Edwar Scissorhands vibes here?

Edward Scissorhands Halloween makeup and crazy hair.

Pretty sure if I slept in the woods, my hair would naturally look like this. Unless braided, it forms a perfect bird’s nest at night. Can you imagine combing and washing my face after this shoot? So much for not living in the woods.

Dark Halloween look on A Handful of Stories.

Photos and editing by Natalia Karpova

Makeup and hair by Svetlana Bliznichenko

Which one is your favourite?


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