Post-Halloween Outfit?

Post-Halloween Outfit?featured

You know when you wake up the next day after Halloween with a severe case of post-Halloween hair? Here’s the perfect hairstyle to sort that out: the bubble ponytail.

Just take the un-combable single piece your hair formed and tie it in several places. If you look closely, you can notice one of my hair ties is actually a stray bracelet I found at home. And don’t forget the hat, your bad hair day savior.

Grungy look with leather skirt, dr Martens and bubble hairstyle.Dr Martens and leather skirt outfit on A Handful of Stories.Bubble hairstyle and leather skirt outfit on A Handful of Stories.Pastel biker jacket and bubble ponytail outfit.Bubble hairstyle with wool hat.

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What’s your go-to bad hair day hairstyle?

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