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We’ve planned a trip to Spain for the holidays, so I figured it’s time to post photos from the week we spent on Marbella seaside this August. Those little sun-filled towns along the shore always exude happiness and serenity, don’t they? By the way, I’d appreciate any suggestions for Tenerife or La Palma! Or Barcelona, even though I’ve been a thousand times and also posted this Barca food guide.

Colourful Marbella streets on A Handful of Stories.Mustard shirt and floral shorts summer look.Road trip by the seaside in Marbella.Dreamy white dress shot on A Handful of Stories.Bright colourful village in the hills of Spain.

If you scroll down through my Instagram feed, you can find the blue theme I had during our Marbella trip. So of course, I had to visit the blue village!

Juzcar, the blue-coloured surf village in Spain.

Juzcar used to be one of the traditional white towns in the hills of Malaga until Sony Pictures decided to film the Smurf movie there. The houses were painted blue, and the initial deal was to colour them white again after the production had ended. But the place started getting so many tourists admiring the new look, they decided to keep the colour.

Ginger cat in Juzcar, the surf village.

We went early in the morning while the sun was still gentle and the streets were empty. And while none of us had seen even one smurf movie/episode, walking through the blue streets felt magical and surreal.

White shirt dress in smurf village.Seaside view in Marbella.

Well, I didn’t take a dip in the sea once, but I did shoot outfits by the seaside, which is arguably better.

White maxi beach look on A Handful of Stories.Sea photos on A Handful of Stories.Lace dress and space buns outfit on A Handful of Stories. Shot on Marbella seaside.

But hey, I did get into the pool, like, twice. Not a water person, I guess.

Bright pool shot with ombre floppy hat.

Another cool place not far from Marbella is the crocodile park. Aren’t they majestic creatures? It seems you can reach a sort of understanding with a cat or an elephant, but not these ancient dragons. They are like the force of nature, not separate beings.

Crocodile park near Marbella on A Handful of Stories.Crocodile park in Marbella photos.Suede skirt summer look on A Handful of Stories.Roadtrip on Marbella seaside.

We enjoyed the vast green landscape once more on the way to Sevilla, the capital of Andalusia. There’s a lot to see, so give yourself a full day for exploring the city if you’re visiting.

Bright window in Sevilla.Green leaves in Seville.Details in Alcazar, Sevilla on A Handful of Stories.Plaza de Espana, Seville on A Handful of Stories.Sevilla sightseeing look on A Handful of Stories.Sevilla cathedral details on A Handful of Stories.Door knob in Sevilla.Portrait in the green labyrinth in Sevilla.Mountain village, Marbella seaside.No thanks tee on A Handful of Stories.

Are you planning a getaway this winter?

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