The Lita Comeback

The Lita Comebackfeatured

I remember a time when I wore Litas every day. They were soo cool just a couple of years ago. I even had a Lita category on the blog. I mean, my first post ever featured them! Then there was a moment when everybody and their mother got a pair, and as every fashion fad, it faded into style oblivion.

It’s been two years since I’ve last worn them, and with the 70s trousers comeback, I assumed they’d be a nice addition. What do you think, too soon? And do you believe the thigh-high boot trend will follow the same path?

Wide leg trousers with bright mustard shirt.Pink faux fur and mustard blouse outfit on A Handful of Stories.Wide leg trousers and faux fur autumn look on A Handful of Stories.

Photos and editing by Natalia Karpova.

What’s one piece of clothing you used to wear every day but don’t anymore?

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