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Some people hate the holidays. The crowds, the hustle, the spending, the excessive eating, all the members of the extended family you wish you’d never meet again. And I do see their point, but I could never be one of these people. There’s a certain magic surrounding this time of year, something you won’t find in hot summer nights, or spring’s first flowers, or all the colours of fall. The foresty scent of the Christmas tree, the soft twinkle of the decorations, the sizzling and crackling of the sparklers, the anticipation of giving and receiving presents… Is there any other time we can almost remember how it felt to be a child?

Christmas outfit with pink midi skirt and slogan t-shirt on A Handful of Stories.

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Christmas party outfit with faux fur and sparkly makeup on A Handful of Stories.Christmas outfit with pink faux fur and slogan sparkly tee.Pastel faux fur Christmas outfit on A Handful of Stories.

Photos by Natalia Karpova

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