Cozy Winter Look and Top Destinations in Russia

Cozy Winter Look and Top Destinations in Russiafeatured

Last weekend my parents persuaded me to leave my cozy sweatpants and my warm cats at home and visit Sergiev Posad. There are few sights more glorious than Russian religious architecture on a crisp sunny day, which made me think how rarely I’ve enjoyed it since high school trips. Russia is, in many ways, a difficult country to travel (that blanket is worth nothing when the temperature creeps below zero). But maybe the rewards are worth the struggle. Here are my five top destinations in our vast and beautiful country.

  1. Lake Baikal. The largest and deepest lake in the world and so clear the visibility is 40 meters below the surface. It is also one of the oldest lakes on earth and home to some 60 year old fish. Yes, fish.
  2. Kamchatka. The land of geysers, volcanoes and vast territories of practically untouched nature. And of course, scrumptious seafood.
  3. St. Petersburg. The Northern capital. I have been many times as a child, after all, my dad was born there. But lately I can’t help but feel I’ve missed the opportunity to enjoy the city as a tourist. Can you even do so when you are a kid?
  4. Novgorod. One of the oldest cities in Russia and home to the first Russian kremlin as well as numerous city legends.
  5. Suzdal. A small town that’s brimming with beautiful early Russian architecture.

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Blanket look in Sergiev Posad and 5 top destinations in Russia.

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