Just another casual look on the preppy side with several of my wardrobe staples: leather skater skirt, Dr. MartensKanken and matte red lipstick. See me wear them in summer weather on Instagram while I’m still on vacation.

Preppy winter look with dr Martens, leather skater skirt and red lip.

Shop the look:

Preppy look with green sweater and red lipstick.Preppy dr Martens outfit with knit, leather and red lips.Preppy outfit with red lips on A Handful of Stories.

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  • Tailor

    Very, very beautiful and stylish look I think, I really like it C:
    You have good taste ^^
    And it’s really cool that you posted pictures and mentioned what stuff you’ve used, it’s really helpfull 😮 Thank you!
    Tried to find some of this here
    But I’m also interested where you get those things, they’re totally nice 😀

  • Яна, очень красивый образ, лаконичный и стильный, современные тренды все учтены=)))