Styling and Aesthetic Features: Spring-Summer 2016 Jackets

Styling and Aesthetic Features: Spring-Summer 2016 Jacketsfeatured

Fashion experts say that the right jacket can make or break an outfit. In fact, this item pops up on every stylish girl’s wish list, according to NYMag. There are new styles and trends when it comes to something as simple as the fabric we use, or more advanced aspects, like unexpected pairings and unique silhouettes.


If you feel lost in the numerous options for women’s jackets available, or you’re just searching for more ways to style the ones you already own, some of the best inspiration sources include: reading fashion blogs (hint hint) to get up-to-the-minute information on spring favourites and the upcoming summer season; fashion magazines and online editorials, that will help you grasp the concepts of each jacket design and its specific uses and details.


To put things into perspective, fashion website Lyst classifies waistcoats and tailored blazers as being ideal for an office environment, while parkas, bombers, and denim jackets are perfect for a casual day. Now for you to have a deeper understanding on the subject you need to know that there are more to jackets than just their aesthetic features. But don’t get obsessed with categories, we all know fashion rules were made to be broken. Thankfully, designers and style stars give us more outerwear pairing ideas each season.

As always, the main fashion trend in women’s jackets this spring-summer season boils down to the glorious blend of simple yet highly sophisticated designs. A combination of diversified fabrics, textile materials, and bright prints, could all make way into our closets this season. Metal decorations, natural leather, and leather with a hint of fray and suede are also in these days. Regarding the form, sportswear silhouettes, patches and punctures stand out. Since it’s spring-summer, colours vary from the basic black and brown to a more avant-garde sandy-red and season-appropriate brights.


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Preppy winter look with dr Martens, leather skater skirt and red lip.

There are a lot of stylish options to update your spring-summer closet. It doesn’t have to be chilly outside to wear a cool jacket, as you can mix and match these timeless pieces with this season’s must-haves and your wardrobe staples. By now, you should have a better understanding that when shopping for bombers, look for ones that feature fresh shapes and have that comfort factor, so crucial for casual activities. And you cannot beat leather jacket for any season, whether for a night out, a semi-formal event or for every day.

What’s your favourite jacket for this spring-summer season? Here’s mine.


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