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So I was thinking… Aztecs sacrificed people so that the sun would rise, right? What if… the sun really needs blood to be shed to rise? And if people stopped killing each other, it wouldn’t? There was definitely violence every day since Aztecs. What if we reached utopia? We’d try to fabricate clones, but their blood wouldn’t do it. Or it would, but they’d start having feelings, and a Scarlett Johansson would run away, and you know what happens then.

But I wonder what kind of shed blood would satisfy the sun. I guess there’s no more wars or violence in the streets (there’s got to be some awful truth behind that, but I digress…), but how’s no one secretly murdering anyone in politics? For example, would poisoning count? Technically, no blood was shed. Or freezing someone to death? Actually, all acts of nature aren’t technically violence. Like, in this pact we made with the sun, does it stipulate these specifically? Because you can throw someone into a lion’s cage, or you can meet a lion in the desert. Would that make a difference?

I think the sun would only feast on intended homicide, and it’s not the law you can fool, it knows. And every day the sun rises, somewhere someone’s like “But you said she slipped and fell”. I guess the government would start sacrificing criminals that have been already sentenced, but gradually, they’d have to start sentencing people to death for lesser crimes (no one is killing anyone!). And how many capital offenders could we have in a utopia? Also, the question of quantity. Like, how many people? Does a murder account for more if you do it violently?

So… that’s what I was thinking about. This might be why I don’t have friends. But I’m open to offers from tv-show producers, I’m fully convinced it could be a hit on History Channel.

How would you solve the bloodthirsty sun issue? No technicalities, this is a common sense-free zone.

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