The Kimono Belt That (After Several Years, but Still) Could

The Kimono Belt That (After Several Years, but Still) Couldfeatured

I’ve stayed away from colourful pieces most of my life. First, as a teenage goth (srsly), then, hesitant to wear overly bright outfits that may seem clownish (like, to whom?!). I’ve been making an effort to push my fashion boundaries ever since I started this blog (am I making progress?), but on most days safe options in neutral colours still may seem like the obvious choice.

Cartoon print midi & orange kimono belt on A Handful of Stories.

I bought this electric orange kimono belt years ago after seeing it on Blair from Atlantic-Pacific. You might know her as the queen of combining prints and vibrant hues, and naturally, she wore the hell out of this belt in the most effortless way. That looks easy, I thought, I could do that.

So I got it, tried it with several outfits and realized styling it was trickier that I’d imagined. I attempted to pair it with something new every other day, put it on just to take it off (minutes after exiting the door) and carry it in my bag for the day. Eventually, I shoved it in the back of the closet. As you do.

Pop corn print midi skirt & mustard blouse on A Handful of Stories.

Some time ago during a wardrobe clean-out, I discovered it again. That fashion piece that was too cool for me. That metaphorical pie I had but never ate. That Everest I couldn’t climb. That boy I liked in middle school, who told me I was “just like a bro”. The symbol of everything I want, but don’t deserve.

And then I realized something. It’s just a fucking belt. It’s a fleeting moment in time where I either wear/do something that makes me happy and confident, or I choose to hold myself up to an unachievable (and unnecessary) standard and never have any fun as a result. So which will it be?

Orange tie front belt & yellow shirt on A Handful of Stories.

P.S. How’d you like me now, confusing kimono belt? I wore you and you weren’t even the weirdest item in the outfit. That’s right. You said to be cool, but I’m already coolest.

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