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The thing about art is, everything has been done. It has been done multiple times, and probably far better than you could ever do. A pensive demon against the sunset? Been there. A red-haired girl standing on a giant hoop over a lake? Uh-huh. Cats, splashes of water and a gentleman with a glorious moustache suspended mid-air? You know it. Naked chubby toddlers frolicking in a luscious garden? Come on, there’s like a billion of those. One individual’s mouth surgically attached to another individual’s anus? Unfortunately (I refuse to google that one though). A darker take on pre-Raphaelite art? Well, what do we have here.

Shirt-dress for a summer picnic on A Handful of Stories.

But look at at this way: there is endless inspiration out there. And you might not be trying to have your work exhibited at the Louvre – you might be taking an Instagram picture, or shooting a campaign, or designing a logo, or decorating your house. All I’m saying is, you’re not starting from scratch. People devoted their lives to studying composition, colour, the meaning of art, the emotions it evokes.

Shirt-dress for a summer picnic on A Handful of Stories.

If your job concerns visual content, there’s no reason you shouldn’t learn from the best. It doesn’t matter if you are making enormous abstract sculptures or photographing toothpaste commercials. You can be proud of your work and you should treat it like art. Otherwise, why bother doing something so removed from “reality”? (The importance of art and its place in the history of humanity is an entirely different topic, so I’ll only give you a tidbit of my educated opinion: IT IMPORTANT U DUMDUM N IT SHAPED THE HOOMANITY AS A SPECIES, but that’s not the point)

Flatform slippers for a summer picnic on A Handful of Stories.

Fashion bloggers are often complacent with their photos. I’m absolutely guilty of this common trend. Sometimes taking a few quick snaps right then and there makes sense. More often, it’s just easier. But if I learnt anything about the easy way, it’s that is almost never the right one.

Half top knot & ribbon choker on A Handful of Stories.

I’ll be the first to admit my work has infinite room for improvement. But isn’t that the beautiful part? We don’t have to stop because there’s always so much to learn and discover. The intricacies of our visual perception are endless. The ways you can convey an idea, a feeling or a story have no limit.

Shirt-dress for a summer picnic on A Handful of Stories.

So let’s start another trend. A trend for treating your work like art. For always improving. And for never becoming complacent. It won’t be safe or easy. But it will always be worth it.

Picnic outfits on A Handful of Stories.

Photography by Natalia Karpova

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