Confession: I Still Wear My Litas

Confession: I Still Wear My Litasfeatured

Wearing Litas for (almost) the first time in years, now where did I see this walk before? Oh right, the grace and posture of a newborn puppy. Blogger warning: if you get caught in the rain wearing these, and instead of running for cover you take photos, DO NOT under any circumstances slip. You won’t survive.

Lately, I’ve been wondering whether the original offensive pair of shoes – Lita – can be brought back to life. If we can finally see this corny design in a new light. Can a fashion fad be resurrected is a classic piece? Why don’t you ask culottes. They’ve been “the exciting new trend” so many times, you probably shouldn’t get rid of your pair as soon as it starts to seem overdone.

These shoes provoked a response almost as emotional as Taylor and Kanye’s continuous beef, concentrated over a shorter period. News outlets reported on Jeffrey Campbell’s wedding collection as if it signalled the end of the world as we know it. Highbrow fashion journalists declared their indignation. Bloggers fought back (mostly with selfies and emojis). Shit was going down.

Most of us are over that trend now like we are over most things eventually (except Kanye vs. Taylor, it seems). But for some of us, Litas had an Alice-in-Wonderland-style “Wear Me” tag attached from the very start, and we simply had to see what happens if we do. They were a door to the world of fashion. A leap from Vans and hoodies to colour blocking and statement necklaces. They were our first true shoe love.

Of course, I have better shoes now. I learned about shoes, and I learned about myself. My new pairs suit me. But every once in a while, I like to take my Litas on a stroll. A stumbling, uncomfortable stroll that reminds me of the subtle but crucial difference between compromising and settling. Compromise to achieve your dreams, but never settle for anything less.

What was your gateway fashion piece?

portrait-in-the-rainTerracotta culottes, burnt orange trench & white t-shirt outfit on A Handful of Stories.Burnt orange trench & white tee outfit on A Handful of Stories.Brown culottes, orange trench & Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots look on A Handful of Stories.

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