Mom Jeans, Not the Cool Mom Kind

Mom Jeans, Not the Cool Mom Kindfeatured

This post continues my love affair with ridiculous trousers. I’ve done the corny culottes, the sudden pajama, the bossy toddler pant – my skinny jeans have been neglected. But there’s one style I didn’t incorporate into my closet: The Mom Jeans. I was on the hunt for that perfect pair. Until now, that is. I finally found the ultimate combination of visual qualities in these Monki jeans. Dangerously high waistline? Check. Baggy fit? Check. Worn-in look? Check. Severe FUPA illusion? Check-check-check.

Think Sabrina, the Teenage Witch with one of her ludicrous denim pieces like this one. LOOK at that outfit! The shoes?! Isn’t it terrifying and exciting all at once? This show was so bad, though. Can’t believe I’ve seen so much of it.

I find the jeans play down the coolness that’s been associated with Airmax sneakers ever since the tan blond Instagram stars started wearing them. As for the mysterious hieroglyphs, I still have no idea what they mean.

Monki Kimomo mom jeans & logo print outfit on A Handful of Stories.Mom jeans, white tee & Nike Airmax sneakers on A Handful of Stories.High-waisted jeans and slogan tee outfit on A Handful of Stories.Monki mom jeans, white tee & Nike Airmax sneakers on A Handful of Stories.

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