TBT: La Palma, Canary Islands

TBT: La Palma, Canary Islandsfeatured

Ever since I bought my baby Olympus, I haven’t been able to stop taking photos. It wasn’t always like that. There was a time when I had to drag around a monstrous DSLR that sucked the life out of me even before I had started fiddling with its complicated settings. I know these bulky cameras work for many people, I’m just not one of those people. It doesn’t work for me on a hike, at a fashion event, a picnic or a night out. It doesn’t fit into a stylish small purse, for crying out loud!

My compact OMD EM10 on the other hand, quickly became my best friend.  It’s like taking a quick snap with your phone, except you have way more control over the image you create. The result of this easy access to quality photos is I never run out of things to post. The downside, as you could imagine, is that many pictures get lost, and editing even a half of what seemed amazing at the time becomes increasingly difficult.

Marsala sort with band tee outfit on A Handful of Stories.

Photography is a huge part of what I do, so no practice seems like time wasted, but sometimes I remember a certain scene that had a great impact on me, but never got published. La Palma was filled with such moments. It’s the closest thing to paradise I have ever experienced (apart from that time I had a concussion, if you know what I mean). Let me state an unpopular opinion: it’s ten times more interesting than Tenerife. Between the vast forests, the little hillside towns, and the starriest night sky, La Palma immediately captivates and never lets go.

Since it’s Thursday, a #tbt seems appropriate. I took these photos on the first day when the senses are always heightened and every little detail seems to surprise. I feel like travel is the adult equivalent of babies discovering their feet. Did you notice how happy and delighted they are (probably imagining all the shoes they can wear)? That’s the sort of a broadened vision visiting new places brings. That’s how you learn about your strength.

Are you traveling this summer? I’m hoping to visit Germany, but nothing’s settled so far. In the meantime, we can live vicariously through these photos (notice the water, is it not absolutely insane?)

Boats on La Palma on A Handful of Stories.Burgundy skort, band t-shirt & Dr Martens outfit on A Handful of Stories.Ocean waves shot on A Handful of Stories.Ocean at sunset on La Palma.Marsala sort with band tee outfit on A Handful of Stories.

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