The Annoying Person Who Tells You About Their Dream

The Annoying Person Who Tells You About Their Dreamfeatured

What did you dream last night? Last week I noticed a tiny fingerprint on my wall and in my dream that night I remember facing in utter horror a white wall completely covered in greasy palm prints. For some reason, I’ve always been obsessed with trying to connect the phantasm with previous events. How did this image get inserted into my consciousness? What unlikely combination will come alive this night?

The system our minds use to process the information and convert it into dream format is much like the Instagram algorithm. It’s incredibly complicated; even the experts don’t understand all the intricacies, and I’m always trying to cheat it. Also, the government probably uses it to further their agenda in ways we are yet to learn with fear and disgust.

There are a couple of things I’ve learned about dream content curation over the years of being a human who needs to sleep. If you anxiously anticipate an upcoming event for days and weeks, you will at some point see it at night. And it will be every bit as great or awful as you have imagined, times ten. The dreams set in future are easier to spot too, just try to remember, did you board a plane before suddenly finding yourself in Italy? Did you get that phone call you were expecting about coming to a job interview, and not just appear before the interviewer? Do you always ride the subway in your underwear? If the answer is no, you know it’s a dream. Hurry up and do something stupid; you broke the system, and it will reboot in a few moments.

The little google search you scroll through before bed can do amazing things to your upcoming dreams too. I woke up with a vision of my friend with a terribly deformed face; he was almost the phantom of the opera, but not quite. He had that distinct squinty eye and his mouth perpetually half-open. Still trying to comprehend the haunting image, I unlocked my phone to see I googled Popeye the night before.

Unconsciously staring at an object while your mind wanders is another dream material. I was working on my laptop in a cafe that had lace curtains and saw a crow fly by the window. The next night I was visited by a white crow with the most intricate lace-looking feather pattern. I remembered the cafe incident much later.

I’m that annoying person telling you about their dream, and I could talk about dreams for hours. How can you not be transfixed by the ways our brains work at night? This is the ultimate form of visual content creation, and you are doing it!

How much of your dreams can you control? Do you notice the moments that influence them and can you predict some parts? Do you try to find the source of the visions you remember in the morning, or am I the only lunatic here?

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