So You Think You’re Better Than The Medieval Inquisition

So You Think You’re Better Than The Medieval Inquisitionfeatured

Don’t think I’ve worn socks with heels for years… Wait, let me check that.

Well, I searched my blog and found this. Hilarious. Can’t wait until my current photos look that bad to me. I can already see the little details that will bug me when I revisit this post. But I bet there’ll be many more excruciating mistakes I’ll notice later, just because I would have more references and experience.

Which got me thinking: remember those love poems you used to write in middle school? Or the music you liked (ahem, Good Charlotte, ahem). Or that ridiculous mismatched striped over the knee socks trend you were obsessed with (I know I was). Well, society has these embarrassing moments too. Like that time we wore mouse skin in place of eyebrows, which, while disgusting, won’t kill you nearly as fast as lead face powder, that was also popular around that period. Or the fun moment where cities were basically overcrowded ant nests with zero hygiene/healthcare standards and rampant diseases. Or that notorious gum ointment for teething babies that contains more drugs than Raoul Duke’s briefcase. Or the inquisition (nuff said).

And while we as a society are doing lots of despicable/ridiculous things now, at least we’re trying. We’re taking baby steps towards tolerance, health-consciousness, and common sense. We’re aware of our flaws. Most of us know smoking kills, fast food is bad for you, religious preferences are personal, women are people too and you shouldn’t give heroin to your baby. Well, we’re still working on a few of those.

But what are the flaws we don’t see? What will be our “Earth is flat” notion for future generations? Will it be selective breeding? Imagine a new cat breed developing laser-shooting eyes. That’d be fun. Or like a deadly disease that can be transmitted to humans (lol). Maybe there’ll be a wi-fi-induced epidemic or an outburst of kale allergy. Selfie-stick-inflicted injuries? So many options.

Which of our seemingly normal habits do you think will be ridiculed in a couple hundred years?

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