5 Eyewear Styles to Mourn Summer

5 Eyewear Styles to Mourn Summerfeatured

Autumn is an exciting fashion season, but the end of summer is always bittersweet. The back to school, back to work, back to cold gets overwhelming. Suddenly, there isn’t much time to wear your sunglasses because it’s sunny, instead of wearing them because they look good (and also because you hate eye contact and are dead inside). I do believe we have at least five more warm days left, so here are 5 pairs of sunglasses to sport before sunny days are over. And also after.

A small vintage pair of sunglasses on A Handful of Stories.

A small vintage pair – adding a dash of John Lennon to any look since the sixties. It combines two qualities of a fashion statement: being mildly unpopular as well as mostly unflattering. It’s the vibe that draws us to this style, not the accessibility.

Cat eye sunglasses on A Handful of Stories.

Cat eye – a timeless shape that will carry you from floral summer dresses to camel coats in winter. They look great on most face shapes and add a touch of femininity to every look.

Round sunglasses on A Handful of Stories.

Round – for all the Willy Wonkas out there. They’re cool, they’re strange and they’re one of my favourite eyewear styles. They pair perfectly with out-there outfits as well as more casual ones.

Knit crop top & sheer windbreaker outfit on A Handful of Stories.

Oversized – the pair that’s always there (freestyle now the pair that’s always there/the only one who’d care/when life has not been fair/and you have had your share). They might not be the fanciest or the most interesting, but they’ve been there when you needed it most, particularly the airport, the breakup and the hangover. Hold on to them, they’re a good friend.

Heart-shaped sunglasses on A Handful of Stories.

Heart-shaped – Baby put on heart-shaped sunglasses cause we gonna take a ride, if you know what I mean. Do you need any more encouragement to  wear them?

Whether you’re desperately clinging to the warm days or fully embracing the layering season, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’d like to keep your eyesight. So please protect your eyes from the sun, and don’t be afraid to look bangin’ while you do it.


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