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If you mix Barb with a dash of late 90s J-Lo and shoot the result in one of Moscow’s cutest cafes, this is what you might get. I’ve been loving those enormous hoop earrings, awful brown lipstick and silly snapbacks lately, are they finally having a come-back? Something about this outfit just says “attitude”, but it doesn’t scream it in your face, but rather whispers “attitude” in your ear in a softly ominous way. It’s my kick-ass look, my hold-my-earrings-gurl get-up, my nasty woman ensemble, if you will. What’s yours?

P.S. I won Lookbook’s Halloween contest with my Barb costume, stay tuned for an interview and an Instagram takeover. Shooting something special wink-wink.

Mom jeans, fluffy crop top and pink snapback outfit on A Handful of Stories.Soft crop top, silky bomber and hoop earrings outfit on A Handful of Stories.Nike Huarache sneakers, bucket bag and silky bomber look on A Handful of Stories.Mom jeans, white sneakers & pink snapback look on A Handful of Stories.

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