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So I thought I had horrible jet-lag last time, but boy… What planet are we on right now? Maybe I’ll just walk it o… ow, ow, that hurt. Just thinking about getting up is painful.

Between bouts of delirious jet-lag-induced slumber, I’ve been trying to work on new blog posts and my Instagram 2017 countdown (and my actual work eye roll), all while trying to get used to our new furry family member (some people might call him a cat, but I’m pretty sure he’s at least half tornado).

How have you been?

Wide leg trousers, sparkly green sweater & faux fur coat outfit on A Handfull of Stories.Christmas lights portrait with velvet choker on A Handful of Stories.Green suede gloves, high waist trousers & faux fur coat on A Handful of Stories.Sparkly sweater, velvet choker & faux fur outfit on A Handful of Stories.

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