Russian Winter (Expectations, not Reality)

Russian Winter (Expectations, not Reality)featured

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m actually not dead, just taking an unexpected hiatus (and if you don’t follow me on Instagram, I take it as a personal insult and demand satisfaction tosses a suede glove in your face).

Lace maxi dress & faux fur stole winter outfit on A Handful of Stories.

I don’t know if you ever want to hear the story of traveling through continents to save Leo’s life, but I do know you’ve been waiting for another outfit from me: so here it is. I managed to shoot this Russian winter inspired look during my brief time back home. Moscow winter hasn’t yet reached its harshest, so stylish attire is still appropriate, as opposed to Michelin man get-up we will all be sporting soon (ugh).

Lace floral dress, red Sicily bag and faux fur winter look on A Handful of Stories.

This lace maxi dress that buttons all the way up to the neck is winter-perfect, and a faux fur stole is just enough to keep me warm on an above zero degrees day.

Red lace Sicily bag, green suede gloves & faux fur winter outfit on A Handful of Stories.

Now excuse me while I go save a kitty’s life flies off into the sky.

Lace floral dress & grey faux fur with dark lipstick on A Handful of Stories.

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  • ADA

    Russian Winter is very brutal but you manage to always look so stylish, elegant, chic and polished. I love it all here: the maxi dress, coat, fur, gloves, boots and bag are all beyond fabulous, Yana!

    I would love for you to join my latest linkup from this week. It is a special celebration post too.

    Happy Sunday! <3 Ada.

  • I adore this outfit! Everything is perfect, from the dress, to the fur and the bag, oh…simply fabulous!

  • samama

    Such lovely pictures, dear. You look stunning, as always…

  • You look AMAZING, Yana!!! And I am so immensely envious of that backdrop you shot against. Yes, I know it’s terribly cold but here in Houston, it’s barely cool and I’d give anything to trade places with you 🙂 much love for the new year xo